SENS Lysosome

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"Thank you for donating to SENS Research Foundation. Your support will help us in our mission to research, develop, and promote comprehensive regenerative medicine solutions for the diseases and disabilities of aging."

About SENS Lysosome

Lysosomes are little spheres that live inside cells and specialize in something of immense importance: breaking down damaged parts of the cell and forging them into raw materials for new growth.

Alas, some parts of the cell can get so damaged that even lysosomes can’t deal with them, or are so toxic they manage to destroy lysosomes. When this happens, cells progressively lose function, causing and contributing to nasty age-related diseases like Parkinson’s.

The SENS Lysosome is an augmented superhero that can effectively recycle these extremely damaged parts of the cell and even deal with toxic waste!

Recycling is important—especially on a cellular level.

Token Type: Non-Fungible
ENJ Backing: 15 ENJ
Supply: 3,000